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Renting the latest electrical generators

News Date : 2020-11-26

Inside Agour Generators Egypt, we fully realize the importance of generators. Therefore, we provide a variety of generators for rent, one of the best generators in the world in strength and the ability to mute the sound, as they operate at high power without causing noise. And if you want to rent the latest electrical generators or buy a generator, the best choice for you will be the Power House; Our previous work is the best talk about us and our position in the field of generators, as we have wide confidence among customers. Power House Egypt has the leadership in providing solutions to companies by providing a range of distinguished services in the field of power generation, water pumps and petroleum regionally and internationally, especially in the latest rental Generators, with the help of a distinguished work team that meets the needs of customers while enhancing and improving the global image of Egyptian products.

We have the best technical experts and engineers with a high level of experience and work for many years in the field of renting generators and the ability to provide you with all the information that helps you to rent the right generator for your project.

    Power House Egypt owns power generation systems for the following capacities: 12 KVA to 30000 KVA (multiple units) as a system for renting the latest integrated generators.
    There are also units that operate on dual-fuel (diesel / gas) both (diesel generators can run on natural gas and diesel.
    All the generators of the company are certified, fully tested and verifying the efficiency before sending to the customer:

Renting the latest electrical generators in 2020

  •         Large fleet of new and tested generators.
  •         Available Capacity: 110-30000 KVA.
  •         Diesel and gas powered generators are available.

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