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Maintenance of generators and discovering faults

News Date : 2020-11-26

There are many faults that you need to maintain electrical generators, the most important of which are:

    Malfunctions due to low coolant level / shutdown: The most obvious cause of this failure is low coolant level due to either external or internal leakage, and although many generators are equipped to protect against these faults by alarm, few generators have an indication Low coolant alarm
    Block heaters malfunctions: Cable heaters maintain the temperature of the cooling system and keep the cylinder liners expanding.
    Leakage Malfunctions (Oil / Fuel): Most of the time a leak can be prevented by performing routine maintenance.
    Engine malfunctions due to running out of fuel: Mechanical fuel level gauges may not always be accurate, as there is no generator tank, resulting in fuel becoming stagnant.

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