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About us

Welcome to Aggour generators Website
Aggour Generators is one of Egypt’s leading companies of engine-driven generators, welders and air compressors. Since its establishment in 1997, the Company has also continued working on product lines that include high-powered mobile lighting, primary and emergency use generating sets.

Chairman Message:
We greatly thank Allah for successfulness, and all Appreciation and Loyalty to our clients. It is a great pleasure to see Aggour generators  company has been making success and growth all through the past decades.
We have managed ourselves in Aggour Generators to provide the newly best Diesel Generator services,thus we are one of the market basis well known in this business area, we have established many accomplishments and successes in the Egyptian Market and with biggest companies, our achievements record is the best witness upon level of services and aspirations to be one of the best companies in the field of power generation and its services.
With our belief that services development and to keep up for the rapid evolution which we see worldwide, our appreciation to our clients and partners of success; we still offering all the support they need to ensure their success, we are proud of our Human Resources and our abilities, these are the key factors to be one of the leaders in the Diesel Generators in Egypt. We thank our clients for their great trust which they offered us, with all appreciation for our team, who is insistent to successes and doing all they can to accomplish positive results characteristically.

Our Vision

To be one of the biggest companies in North Africa and Middle East in the field of Diesel Generators.

Our Mission

Continious improvement and speciality in services, supporting our clients to ensure their success.

Our Goal

To ensure that your lights and machines keep on running during a power cut.

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