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The best sound insulation method for generators

News Date : 2020-11-26

How to sound insulation of generators

There are a number of ways to isolate the sound of the generators, including:

Distances: The simplest way to reduce the noise emitted by the generator is to increase the distance between it and the workplace. If the generator is placed further away, the energy will spread over a greater distance and thus have a lower sound intensity. The general rule is that when you double the distance, you get 6 dB noise reduction, and this applies to open spaces
Creating acoustic isolating booths: Hard surfaces limit noise transmission by reflecting sound waves, and can reduce noise by at least 10 dB.
Acoustic insulation: The use of acoustic barriers to reflect sound waves only restricts the noise behind this barrier, and this includes lining hard surfaces with sound absorbing materials or installing acoustic wall panels and ceiling tiles. For industrial applications, perforated steel wall panels are the usual choice.
Anti-vibration shafts (AVM): Placing vibration stabilizers under the generator isolates vibration and reduces noise transmission. There are a lot of different options - rubber mounts, spring mounts and dampers - and your choice will depend on the level of decibel you need to achieve.

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